Horema has Drilling Rigs U.S.A manufactured - Acker rigs, mobile rigs, and falling rigs. The rigs are capable of drilling exploration, soil sampling, core sampling, grouting holes, piezometers for depths 100m, and drilling special holes for installation of geo-technical instruments.

Accessory equipment for standard penetration test, Shelby tube sampling, single or double core barrel for rock sampling are also provided. The firm also has piezometer installation and pumping test capabilities.Geo-technical Reports, evaluate field and laboratory tests and provide foundations design recommendations.


Horema can perform a quality control and quality assurance for constructions, buildings, industrial projects, concrete and steel structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, roads, bridges and airport projects.Horema performs a wide range of tests for jobs of variable sizes in the field or in its central laboratory. This includes chemical and physical tests in the areas of soil, concrete, material, road and asphalt.

Horema covers all Q.C/Q.A activities on behalf of our clients, including; establishing quality plans, selection and evaluation of suppliers, qualification of welders and welding procedures, controlling field quality control activities, performance monitoring, final inspection and handing-over.

Acting as a third party inspector on behalf of the client, Horema performs witnessing, monitoring, inspection & testing activities for works provided by suppliers to ensure compliance with the client's specifications.

Moreover Horema provides technical consultancies and services regarding welding engineering i.e. selection of materials, establishing welding procedures specifications and monitoring their performance with special petroleum industry applications.


Provide management services for quality control to avoid undue delays in the construction program through assuring that all the required services have been carried out in proper time and giving the advice for any missing procedures for materials acceptance.

Assist Companies to establish and /or develop their existing system to comply with the international standard codes. Provide technical consultants and assistance to improve the quality of their systems, processes and products. Design & provide training programs in quality management, quality assurance, quality audit, quality improvement and many more relevant aspects.


Horema has well equipped chemical laboratories that could perform the following:-

• Chemical analysis for soil and concrete as required by the standards

• All types of water analysis in order to assess its agreement with the different national & international standards to make the water suit a certain requirements.

• Survey water bodies to study its natural self cleaning abilities for the wastes discharged to it. This comprises surveys of lakes, canals and rivers needed and the possibility of recycling.

• Remedial actions for water treatment systems.

• Analysis of all types of soils for their chemical properties as well as its suitability for certain assigned job(s).

• Study of treatment alternatives for the industrial wastes generated from different processing plants as applicable on each plant's waste.

• Analysis of the industrial waste to evaluate their compliance with the standards of waste water set by national laws.

• Evaluate existing facilities for the industrial effluent in a trial to improve their efficiency and reduce operating costs.