Project Description



1. Engineering Services

  • Horema has drilling rigs (U.S.A manufactured Acker rigs, mobile rigs,and falling rigs) capable of exploration, soil sampling, core sampling, grouting holes, piezometers for 100m depths, and drilling special holes for installation of geo-technical instruments.
  • Horema also has accessory equipment for standard penetration tests, Shelby tube sampling, single or double core barrel for rock sampling are also available.

  • Horema executes mechanical boring on shore, field tests, laboratory tests, analysis of field and laboratory tests result, and preparation of geo-technical reports.

  • Horema can prepare, execute and provide analysis of underground water programs (pumping wells, observation wells and pumping tests).

  • Horema has the capabilities to prepare special bore-holes required for geo-technical and geo-physical equipment (measuring vertical, horizontal movement, soil settlements and geo-physical tests).

II. Civil (Structural) Engineering

  • Horema has the capability to design both shallow and deep foundations for all types of constructions.

  • Our structural engineers work closely with the geotechnical engineers during the design of foundations.

  • Our team is capable of performing construction inspection services on foundations and has experience working test pile programs.

III. Engineering Services

  • Horema offers ground improvement solutions that include: Soft ground engineering.

  • Deep soil mixing.

  • Review of soils and aggregates available and their potential for utilizing soil stabilizing techniques incorporating lime and cement binders.


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