Project Description

Environmental Services


Horema’s well-equipped chemical laboratories are capable of performing:

  • Chemical analysis for soil and concrete as required by the standards.

  • All types of water analysis in order to test compliance with the different national & international standards and to assess water’s suitability to fulfil certain project requirements.

  • Survey water bodies to study their natural self-cleaning abilities with regards to the wastes discharged into them. This includes surveys of lakes, canals and rivers and the possibility of recycling.

  • Remedial actions for water treatment systems.

  • Analysis of all types of soils for their chemical properties as well as their suitability for certain assigned job(s).

  • Study of treatment alternatives for the industrial wastes generated from different processing plants as applicable on each plant’s waste management plan.

  • Analysis of the industrial waste to evaluate their compliance with the standards of wastewater set by national laws.

  • Evaluate existing facilities for the industrial effluent in a trial to improve their efficiency and reduce operating costs.


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