Over twenty years experience, Horema performed soil investigation QC & QA, field and laboratory tests for numerous projects, the following relevant projects that could demonstrate our experience:

• Midor Refinery plant, the biggest refinery in the middle east, the area of the project is 500 feddan in free zone area - Ameriya - Alex.Horema contracted with TTIL (Italian co.) to execute Quality Control for civil work, in addition, Quality Assurance (supervising & monitoring inspection) for mechanical and welding activities through the construction period from 1997 up to Jan.2001

• Smart Village project of area 300 feddan at Cairo - Alexandria Desert Road. This project is considered to be one of the most highly advanced projects of technology in A.R.E.

• Alexandria Wastewater Program for Engineering Consultants Group (WWCG), with a construction cost of $110,000,000. The Program comprises of many large and sub-projects among which are:

1.Upgrading the East Treatment Plant including headwork structure, a new flow-split structure, construction of twelve new sedimentation tanks, eight new pumping stations and new on-site employee housing complex.

2.Upgrading the West Treatment Plant including new influent station (955.500m3/day), a new headwork, new primary clarifiers, new sedimentation tanks, yard piping (200 mm to 1500 mm diam.) and new on-site employee housing.

3.Elsiouf Elkeblia and West Zone Tunnels; 21 km long, and up to 2750 mm diameter.

4.Smouha forcemain under-crossings with two highways and a double-track branch line railroad and an irrigation canal.

5.Solids Disposal Facilities; for sludge, grit, scum and screening of the treatment plants.

6.Smouha drain undercrossings with two highways and a double branch line railroad.

7.Abu-Qir Collectors; gravity sewers 6.7 km long.

8.Smouha Sewage Networks; gravity sewers 11 km long.

9.Abu-Qir Sewage Networks; gravity sewers 32 km long.

10.Mechanical Sludge De-watering Facilities.

11.New East Zone Pumping Station.

12.New Maamoura Pumping Station.

13.Abu-Qir Forcemain.

14.East Zone Forcemain.

15.Sidi Bishr Forcemain.

16.Employee housing.

17.Hydrodrome Drain Improvement.

• Mena (3) Resort: on the North Coast 76.5 km west of Alexandria on an area of 85 fedans, with its different facilities and recreational areas.

• Miami Island Resort: a village of special design, consists of seven islands surrounded with both sea and manmade lakes and falls, the islands are connected with bridges. This resort lies on 165 fedans; the resort is furnished with recreational areas and facilities.

• Egyptian Petrochemical Complex at Al-Ameriya - Alexandria: the complex consists of a VCM unit, chlorine unit,PVC unit and Ethylene pipeline from Dekhila to the complex at Ameriya (35 km away from Alexandria). The complex is supported by a huge power station and miscellaneous facilities.